Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors provides us with a strong foundation and the legal framework making it possible for the staff and volunteers to focus upon the day-to-day tasks of making our mission a reality.  We are all grateful for their rich life, and professional, experience helping to guide us to reach our objectives.  We appreciate them and all they do – we thought you might like to know who they are!

Left to right in Photo

Jyl Bradley, Immediate Past Chair, 4 Snowshoe Hill, Claremont, NH 03743 (603)542-1208,

Valerie Mahar, River Valley Community College, One College Drive, Claremont, NH 03743 (603)542-7744,

Chris Kebalka, Chair, 51 Richards Road, Newbury, NH 03255 (603)355-1646,

 Absent from Photo

Matt Blanc, Vice Chair, PO Box 383, 18 Depot St., Charlestown, NH 03603 (603)826-4626 ext 102,

Ella Casey, 319 Oak St ext., Newport, NH 03773 (603)863-1510,

Susan Nooney,CPA, PO Box 294, Wilmont, NH 03287 (603)361-6421, mailto:

Justin Provost, Treasurer,Claremont Savings Bank, PO Box 1600, Claremont NH 03743 (603) 477-6707,

Sherry Abbey, Secretary, 16 Orchard Road, Claremont, NH 03743 (603)542-7175,

Craig Cowing, Pastor, SouthCongregational Church, 58 South Main Street, Newport NH 03773 (603)863-3729,

Anthony DiPadova, Attorney, Buckley & Zopf, Attorneys at Law, PO Box 1485, 233 Broad Street, Claremont NH 03743 (603)542-5114,

Scott Ayen, 13 Lorrain Street, Newport NH 03773 (603)863-2087,