We are pleased to have you visit, and we hope you’ll get a clear sense of the work Community Alliance of Human Services is accomplishing.  Through this website we also hope to keep you updated regarding the services we provide, the individuals we serve, and the challenges we face.

Our mission is a simple one “to help individuals in our region remain independent.”   We work to accomplish that mission by providing services and supports that are vital to independence – transportation, housing, education, and health care.  Our underlying program philosophy looks at our customer holistically, providing family focused and family driven services.  Many of the problems we are faced with are related to poverty, aging, and lack of transportation.  Often individual problems are exacerbated by a myriad of service delivery systems.  We collaborate with other service providers and advocate for services and resources for our families both on an individual basis as well as on a larger policy level.  Our services have evolved in response to the changing needs of the individuals and families who live in the area we serve.

We ask for your help in accomplishing our mission.  Please give us your support, your feedback on our services, and information you have regarding unmet needs.  Working together we can, and we will, create a stronger community and a place where future generations will thrive.

With warm regards,

Barbara H. Brill, Executive Director