TAAP (Alcohol Awareness)

TAAP or the Teen Alcohol Awareness Program 

TAAP is designed for:

  • First-time offenders underaged who have been charged with a crime involving alcohol.
  • Adolescents that have been caught drinking or in possession of alcohol.
  • Adolescents who are struggling with the decision to begin using or continue using alcohol.
  • Parents who believe that their adolescent is in need of more education on the dangers of alcohol use and abuse.

How is TAAP Administered?

TAAP is taught in a two-hour intensive and interactive session through the use of written material, videos and peer discussion.  There is a limit of twelve participants per session to enable the instructor to address individual needs.  Upon completion of the program, notification is sent to the referral source indicating the success or failure of the participant in TAAP, based on their participation in the class and the evaluation of their understanding of the material presented.

Referrals to TAAP May Come From:

  • Police Departments
  • Courts
  • Probation Officers
  • School Resource Officers
  • The Diversion Program
  • Parents
  • Self-referral

What is the Subject Matter in TAAP?

TAAP provides awareness and education on:

  • The specific risks to health and development associated with alcohol use by adolescents
  • The legal and social consequences associated with underage alcohol use and abuse
  • The role that peer pressure and personal experience may play in the decision to use or abuse alcohol

Is There a Program Fee?

Yes. Please contact the Family Services Director for information on fees and schedules.

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