The Board Blog

Chris KebalkaThe Board of Directors has undertaken an extensive and ambitious strategic planning process and agency-wide program evaluation over the course of the past six months. The focus of this process has been threefold:
• What will enable Community Alliance to have the most impact in the community?
• What steps are needed to make Community Alliance fiscally sound and sustainable?
• How can Community Alliance strengthen existing relationships with community partners while increasing support from the greater Sullivan County community?

During this process, two things have become apparent. First, Community Alliance must apply resources and expertise in those areas that have the greatest chance of addressing identified community needs in a meaningful way. And second, given the precious nature of resources, we cannot afford to duplicate services that are already provided by other organizations.

Our home health care service, Trusting Hands, is an area we have identified as duplicating service in our community. It has been a privilege to provide home health care services to patients in and around Sullivan County for the past twenty-plus years. However, the agency has struggled to maintain a fiscally sound working model during that time. With many other home health care providers in the region, most with greater resources and depth of service, the Board has made the decision to phase out the program. We are confident that one of the multiple home health care providers doing business in Sullivan County will meet the needs of our current patients and be able to provide a continuation of the competent and compassionate care they have received from Trusting Hands.

We are very mindful of our responsibility to our current patients, and are phasing out operations over the next several weeks to give our patients time to transfer care to other providers. Through conversations with Connecticut Valley Home Healthcare and Lake Sunapee Regional Visiting Nurse Association, we have worked to ensure that our patients do not have an interruption in care, and also that our employees have the opportunity to transition to a new employer. Trusting Hands will continue to operate through March 31, 2015.

Phasing out Trusting Hands will allow Community Alliance to target our resources to the programs that are not duplicated by others in our region. We are re-focusing our efforts, refining our mission, and reaffirming our commitment to meeting the needs of the residents of Sullivan County.

We look forward to being a part of the lives of Sullivan County residents for many years to come.

My Best,

Chris Kebalka, Chair

Board of Directors