The Board Blog

Welcome to summer, and to my first blog as Chair of the Alliance’s Board of Directors.   

My term as Chair began in January 2013 and our Board has been very active since that time.  In addition to working on our three annual fund raisers, Board members monitor the Agency’s financial performance each month, along with program statistical performance.  Another important aspect of our work is identifying potential new Board members who have skills and background that would complement our current Board make up.

 That being said, our newest Board member is Scott Ayen, of Newport.  Scott has lived in Newport for the past eight years and works for a California based IT company.  He has a particular interest in services provided to our elderly and less fortunate neighbors, and we are anxious to have Scott as part of our Team.  Voted to the Board at our May 28, 2013 Meeting Scott attended his first meeting in June.  As our Agency provides a wide variety of services and supports, with multiple funding sources, we decided some time ago to identify a seasoned Board member as a mentor to new Board members to help them transition onto the Board.  Matt Blanc, our Board Vice Chair, has agreed to mentor Scott and I appreciate Matt’s support. 

 I feel the process we use for identifying new Board members is one that serves the individual, the Agency, and the Board very well.   Names are initially presented to the full Board for consideration.  Once that takes place Barbara Brill, our Executive Director, makes contact with the individual, provides them with information on Board roles and responsibilities, a list of current Board members, and a meeting schedule.  If the individual is interested, they are asked to complete a Volunteer Board Membership Information Sheet which is then presented at the next Board Meeting.  The information shared helps the Board decide where the individual’s background and skills might best serve the Agency.  Members of the Board Development Committee then meet with the prospective candidate to share information and answer questions, with the final step a vote by the full Board of Directors.  As I mentioned above new Board members are assigned a mentor to help them transition onto the Board, and then several months after they attend their first Board Meeting are asked to complete an evaluation questionnaire to help us determine how effective our orientation process is for new Board members and where we might improve it.

 Our by-laws allow for nine to fifteen Board members and we currently have eleven.  Board members can serve two consecutive three-year terms so we are always looking for individuals to join the Board.  If you are interested in being considered, please feel free to contact Barbara Brill ( or myself (

 Enjoy the summer – watch for details on our largest fund raiser, Reach the Peak, as Matt Blanc and the Fund Raising Team are planning another great race. 

 With warm regards,

 Chris Kebalka, Chair

Board of Directors