Director’s News

Welcome to Summer!

Remember when we thought it would never be warm again? Well, it happened! The earth turned on its axis and Mother Nature worked her magic (thank goodness!), and summer finally arrived. Nothing is as pretty as New Hampshire in the summertime. I am reminded of how lucky I am to live here every morning and evening as I drive to and from work along roads lined with woods surrounding beautiful lakes giving rise to magnificent mountains crowned by clear blue skies. And nowhere in New Hampshire is prettier than Sullivan County! It’s lovely.

Driving to and from work in my own car is something I take for granted. Since becoming an adult, I have always owned a vehicle. Hand-me-downs from my in-laws got my husband and me through the first early years of our married life together, then we bought used vehicles every few years as the kids were growing up, and finally just last year I bought my first ever brand new car. I guess I’m really grown up now! Like most people who live in New Hampshire, I do not live within walking distance of a grocery store, my doctor’s office, my workplace or my dentist. I rely on my car to get everywhere.  I need a car to do almost anything outside of my home. Without my car, I would be stuck. How would I get groceries? How would I get to the doctor or to the pharmacy to fill a prescription? How would I get to a job interview, arrive to work on time every day, stay employed? How would I stay connected to my friends, my family, my community?

These are not hypothetical questions for many,  many residents of Sullivan County. Not everyone can afford a car, some people cannot drive because of disability or medical conditions, many older folks have had to give up driving as eyesight fails and reflexes slow.  This is where Community Alliance Transportation Services can help. We provide bus service between the three larger towns in Sullivan County: Claremont, Charlestown and Newport. And our volunteer drive program provides rides free of charge to residents who can’t access the bus route. We help people get to work, go shopping, get to medical appointments and other vital services.

So, if you don’t have a car, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do. If you do have a car, consider signing up to be a volunteer driver to help your neighbors in Sullivan County get around.  You’ll be glad you did! Our transportation office number is 863-0003.

Enjoy the summer,  wherever your travels take you.