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In the month of August we were able to provide 3 of our patients with a wheel chair, a walker and a shower chair.  We were also able to provide 5 other patients with personal care products, they would not otherwise have been able to obtain.  They have all been very appreciative of our efforts.

On August 15th I attended an ice cream social at the Marion Philips Apartments with a patient that we see there.   It was a great opportunity to meet the site manager Michelle, and get to meet some of the other residents.  Now when I go to do my visits I find that there are many people saying hello and starting conversations with me.  I’m starting to feel like I’m walking into Cheers.

August 19th, the monthly Blood Pressure Clinic was held at Maple Manor with 7 residents attending.  Not only were blood pressures taken, but also residents had the opportunity to ask health related questions, and get up to date information.  Residents from Pearl Street were invited to attend, as they continue to undergo renovations.  Clinics at Pearl Street will resume in September.

August 21st, Trusting Hands held its monthly staff meeting at CATS.  The education topic for the month was Dementia.  This topic was important to all staff, as each of them cares for patients with this diagnosis.  As each type of dementia was discussed the staff member with a patient with that diagnosis was asked about what they see in their patient, the types of behaviors that person has.  So everyone was asked to participate, and in this way everyone was an active learner.  All LNA staff was given a Dementia Exam to take home for extra credit.

August 26th, I attended the monthly meeting of Senior Advocates at CATS.  The meeting was small, and we did a review of program updates.  I talked about Medicare in the homecare setting, as people were not aware of some of the requirements.  Such as, the diagnosis being an acute issue rather than chronic, being homebound and requiring a taxing effort to go out.  This came as a surprise to people.  Plans were made to have someone come to speak more formally on this topic.

Happy, Healthy, Safe at home.

Laurie Cailler, RN

Clinical Director

Trusting Hands Home Health Care


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